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Raa Raa

Last year My daughter Pavithra & Akshaya and Shalin danced for the song Raa Raa from Chandramukhi.

This dance programme was done for Tamil nadu Engineers Forum, Kuwait. click here to see an article about Chandramukhi.

Right Click here to download this video file. The video file size is 130MB, so it will take long time to download). You need to play this video file with Real, WinAmp or Winows media player.

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Article - Chandramukhi

Lucky to see chandramkukhi on the release day April 14 in Kuwait. We usually see movies in theatre, when we go for vacation. It's very rare to see Tamil movies here, because no Tamil movies comes in theatre. Chandramukhi is the first Tamil movie released here on the same day as in India, so we decided to watch on the first day itself.

I know how difficult to get tickets in India for the first day, that too for rajini movie (Murattuk kaalai was another film I watched on the first day in Coimbatore when it was released). So we booked the tickets in advance. We couldn't believe when we saw the movie.

My daughter Pavithra (7 years old) and son Pavan (4 years old boy, he is seeing movie for the first movie in theatre) also joined with us, hoping that they may like the film. Surprisingly they both liked the movie than expected.

They enjoyed every frame of the movie and didn't sleep for the entire movie. Especially in the first half, he started asking for Rajni whenever he was not on the screen. Usually he likes fight scenes, so he was very happy with the first introductory fight by Rajni.

He knew the song Devuda devuda before the movie was released. When he saw the song on the big screen he was thrilled and excited.

Both of them liked the song Kokku para para by seeing so many colourful kites on the sky.

We went as group with our friends and families. Another girl Abi, daughter of my friend Anand was enjoying the movie with my kids.

After the interval, the kids were bit tensed (but enjoyed) and affraid of the scenes whenever chandramukhi room came on the screen. Most of the people felt the same. Since it was the first day and no idea about the movie, everyone watched with tension, thrill and supsense. The comedy by Rajini with Vadivel was excellent and enjoyable (except some places).

My daughter goes to Bharathanaattiyam dance class and she likes to see the dance. Also she has arangetram (first bharathanaattiyam stage show) on 21st April. Whenever Ra Ra song (as Background music) with salangai sound came, she was enjoying and expecting that song anytime (we knew this song from audio). But when the song came, it was totally different than how we expected, it was terrific.

The catchy word from this movie is la ka la ka... I was expecting this word will become very hit, and it is. Many mobiles are ringing with this word now.

Now, my son knows theatre as BIG TV. He watches movie and cartoon in TV at home. When we went to movie I told him that we will watch movie in big TV. After coming from movie, he is keep telling as Rajini uncle, Big TV, Aunty shouting OOH etc. And the current favourite song for them is devuda devuda

Every one was very impressed with the movie when we came out. I was thinking of watching another time. On 22nd we decided to see the movie, but this time in another better theatre. When I asked my kids Shall we goto see Chandramukhi in big TV, they replied me a big YES.

This article was created here and it is published in Rajini fans site.

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