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Movies - 2006

chinnabbai Preminchu Pelladu Chettu Kindha Pleader Sithara Aalapana Ladies Tailor Maharshi Anveshana April 1st Vidudhala Detective Naradha SKML Dance Troupe Abhilasha Mantri gari Viyyankudu Raakshasudu Maranamrudangam Rudranethra Rudraveena(Unnam Mudiyum Thambi) Kondaveeti Donga Stuvartpuram P.S JVALS Jwala Challenge Aaradhana Raktabhisekham puli Darja Donga Aakhari Poratam Geethanjali(Idhayathu Thirudathe) Shiva Nirnayam Killer Chaitanya ChinnaBabu Aditya 369 Dharmakshetram Aswamedham Ashoka Chakravarthy Prema Varasudochaadu Surya IPS Coolie No.1 Bobbili Raja Chanti Chinna Rayudu Saagarsangamam(Salanga Oli) SwarnaKamalam Swathimuthyam Chinnabbayi Sankeerthana Kokila Priyathama Keechuraallu Indrudu Chandrudu Oka Raadha Iddaru Krishnulu Shri Shirdi Saibaba Mahathyam Manchi Manasulu Abhinandana Merupu Daadi SivaSankar Kunthi Puthrudu Antahpuram TholiMuddu Pattudhala Amma Koduku Mukku Pudaka Nireekshana Aa Okkati Adakku Swathi Chinukulu Jamadagni Yugandhar Raajkumar Gopala Rao Gari Abbayi Baamma Maata Bangaaru Baata Preminchedhi Endukamma Edu Kondala Swamy Muthyala Jallu Prema Sangamam Here we go direct links 01 - Police Police - (Shweta Pandit & Ninad Kamat) http://desistorage.com/dl.php?q=863 02 - Shapath - (Ilaiya Raja & Chorus) http://desistorage.com/dl.php?q=864 03 - Kaise Kahen - (Sadhna Sargam & Roop Kumar Rathod) http://desistorage.com/dl.php?q=865 04 - Josh Mein - (Yesudas & Chorus) http://desistorage.com/dl.php?q=866 05 - Saara Yeh Alaam - (Shreya Ghoshal & Roop Kumar Rathod) http://desistorage.com/dl.php?q=867 06 - Dheemi Dheemi - (Shreya Ghoshal) http://desistorage.com/dl.php?q=868 dheemi dheemise zindhagime koyi aagayaa Shiva 2006 !! Out of the 6 songs, he has re-mixed 4 of his old songs and composed 2 new melodies. 1. Kaise Kahen is simply the best - A remix of his evergreen Telugu number "Emeni ne Cheli" from "Manthrigari Viyyankudu", Raaja's passion for creativity still emerges above the fact that its a reused tune - by the way how he modernized this composition with some groovy arrangements. Few other Novelty in this song are: i.) The song starts with a mellifluous recap "Ninaivo Oru Paravai" by the female protagonist. Very short and very sweet!! ii.) The ending of the pallavi of this song is again a old tune of himself. The Song "Kaavairiyae" from Adutha varisu.. This has a very catchy ending of Pallavi when it goes like: "Oh My Love.. You are my sweat heart.... !!" He has stripped this phrase and joined with the pallavi of "Emenin ne" to give a totally different output. iii.) usage of Harmonium in 2nd interlude where he is re-introducing the sound of this mother of all instrument to the present generation. 2. Saarah ye Aalam - Remix of "Ananda Ragam". Should be a trademark RG Verma type picturization.. What is amazing is 100% acoustic orchestration of String and wind instruments. The new version helps one appreciate how great the violin passages/ Key board backings of the old one was.. Sadly the recording quality of the old is nowhere close to this one, owing to the technology limitations at that time. Listening to this song, makes me wish that he takes out all those score sheets of his 80's compositions and re-records them for our (His fans') sake.A little prolonged version of 1st interlude with Sarangi's recital of emotions is a treat. 3. Josh me - Remix of Jagada Jagada ("Vidiya vidiya" in Tamil).. Choice of KJ seems to elevate the song. Especially some brilliant counterpoint chorus during the high-pitch phrases in Charanam (How many are going to note this !!??) 4. Dheemi Dheemi - Suddha Dhanyasi is still lingering in Raaja's mind even after "Pooeru konum" of Thiru vasagam. Superb melody... Should be a welcome change for the Techno tuned ears of bollywood music. Sounds very very different than anything that comes now a days. 5. Shapath - Situation song.. Melancholic Solo.. Raaja's voice suits the mood of the song very well. However he is not a native Hindi speaker is (Very) slightly evident in some patches (When he pronounces "Kya Kya" in Charanam and such). Nevertheless his confidence and drive to sing a Hindi song self (May be for the first time) should be applauded above anything else. 6. Chor Police - Should figure in the top charts. Ram Gopal Verma specified he retained this number in the new shiva as it was a trademark song of his old shiva. I guess the Picturization of this is also good (With the few clips that I saw already) General Observations - The male singer of 2 main song, Roop Kumar Rathod, seem to have something lacking.. I'm not sure what it is.. May be a bit of feel, his conscious attempt to sing correctly with some deliberate pronunciations, his voice not complimenting Shreya Ghosal 's brilliance... I don't know.. but I feel he should have been better and didn't do justice for the songs.. Lets Analyze a bit of how I was dumb-founded with his pattern of Remix in 4 old songs : 1. kaise Kahen (Original: Emeni ne)- This is the only song in the Album where he has fully reused the melodies of Pallavi + Charanam of the Original. But both the Interludes are rocking new.. Coupled with other novel facts that I stated above, makes this wonder composing a totally new song would have been less laborious or challenging for him. 2. Saarah Ye Alam (Original: Aanandha raagam) - He reused Prelude, Pallavi and both the interludes.. But went for a brand new melody for the charanams And an out of the world rhythm arrangements for Charanam.. 3. Chor Police (Botany) - He went for a full western/ fast paced/ Slow rock-y meter as opposed to slow/ swinging pattern of the original. New melody for the charanams suiting well with the new arrangements.. This is like the new Spendour + .. !! 4. Josh Me - The remix is so camouflaged that it makes you feel this sounds 'like' something which you already know where as its not 'like' but it 'is' a song that you already know. Sounds very majestic and provoking song... Hero is going on a hunting spree of 'bad' guys is very evident from the composition as opposed to the feel of a carefree life of college lad created in the original. Happy listening and lets enjoy some "music" amidst all the din that's being churned out now a days.. With Love Vicky

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